17 Makeup Tips That’ll Make Doing All Of Your Makeup Infinitely Easier

2. Use White Eyeliner to Form Your Eyeshadow Pop

Use White Eyeliner to Form Your Eyeshadow Pop

To make a sheer or less pigmented eyeshadow appear more vibrant on your eyelid, blend a white eyeliner pencil over your entire eyelid first. Then, put your eyeshadow right top. The opaque coverage of the white liner will intensify any eyeshadow shade and make it pop.

3. Outline Your Cat Eye First

Outline Your Cat Eye First

If you’re battling nailing your winged eyeliner look (also, hi, same, I feel you), try outlining the form first then filling it in. Extend a line beyond your lower lash line to make rock bottom of your cat-eye first. Then, choose the thickness you would like for your wing, and trace the highest line from the top point of your flick to your upper lash line. Once you’ve got the form planned out on each side and everything looks symmetrical, fill within the open space.

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