8 Health Tips for Ladies of Any Age

Protect Your Health

Women within us live 81 years on average, almost five years longer than men. Our bodies and minds are made to hold us for several productive decades—to school, to work, and to offer birth to babies and lift families. But women also are susceptible to dangerous diseases including heart condition, cancer, and stroke. There are numerous alternative ways to stay your mind and body strong and healthy. Here are some streamlined tips for shielding a woman’s physical and psychological state at any age.

1. Avoid Tobacco

Avoid Tobacco

Half of all long-term smokers will die from using tobacco. Smoking has been linked to many diseases and negative health effects, including heart condition (the favorite killer of women), stroke, women’s infertility, and carcinoma. carcinoma kills more women than carcinoma. Fortunately, once you stop smoking (or never begin the habit at all), you greatly decrease your risk of developing these diseases.

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