15 Things Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health

It may not appear to be it, but an individual’s nails can say tons about their health. It’s true! a better inspection of these tiny sheets of keratin can reveal everything from lung disease to allergies. Curious how you’ll use your fingernails and toenails as windows into your overall wellbeing? Keep reading to get what your nails try to inform you about your general physical state.

1. You’re Having Heart Problems

You're Having Heart Problems

If your nails are blue and it isn’t due to the bold polish choice you made, then you would possibly want to urge your ticker verified. As dermatologist Katherine R. Garrity, MD explained for Aurora Health Care, blue nails can indicate heart problems, also as lung issues, bacterial infections, and hepatolenticular degeneration (a rare genetic disease that causes copper to accumulate in your vital organs, consistent with Mayo Clinic).

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