13 Winter Hair Care Tips

2. Avoid Frequent Hair Washes

Avoid Frequent Hair Washes

Frequently washing your hair with shampoos strips off its natural oils, causing further dryness and irritation. attempt to extend the time between your washes. don’t shampoo your hair quite twice every week. Always use a sulfate-free and mild shampoo to take care of the natural moisture balance.

3. Conditioning The Hair In Right Way

Never skip the conditioner during winter. Use a thick, creamy conditioner containing natural oils like coconut, olive, jojoba oils, and shea butter for deep hydration and nourishment.

How To Use A Conditioner
  • Shampoo your hair and rinse it thoroughly.
  • Apply the conditioner from the mid-length to the hair ends.
  • Concentrate on the ends to stop dryness and split ends.
  • Leave the conditioner on for a couple of minutes then wash with normal water.

You may end with normal water to seal the moisture and stop frizz.

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